It was great to set up the photo booth in Hawker House as I have been there loads of times to get some of my fave White Men Can’t Jerk chicken. Setting up a photo booth and GIF booth in Central London though poses its own challenges. Firstly, you need to find somewhere to park. Luckily Clare found a new app called Just Park which is kind of like Airbnb but for parking spaces. I will definitely be using them again they were great! You also need to allow plenty of time to get there… Second rule of photo booths, dont be late. I cant talk about the first rule.

Hawker house was a great place for a party, there was an amazing cocktail bar, pool table and beer pong. There was a really good vide to it, cool music, cool decorations and cool people; all of which led to some amazing photos. We used the wall of the venue with some balloons as a backdrop/prop and I love the darker colours of the gold against the wall. We also spoke to the guys before the party and got some of their catchphrases on chalkboards. This was also a great talking point so I’ll be re-using that idea!

It was a perfect way to celebrate the 30th!